“Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them” (Matthew 7:20)

Today’s blog will be in English mainly because of the source of today’s blog.

JP II in the buff

The image above is taken from Paul L. Williams’ most recent book entitled: “Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA and the Mafia” (Prometheus Books, 2015) on pages 77 and 78.

As I’ve hinted to in my first blog (in French only), the Church no longer resides at the Vatican. The events that started what is no doubt the accomplishment of Our Lady at La Salette’s dire prediction made to Mélanie Calvat on September 18, 1846, that “Rome would lose the Faith, and become the seat of Antichrist; the Church will be in eclipse”, occurred on the evening of October 26, 1958 when confusion reigned as to the reason why no Supreme Pontiff emerged on the Loggia to show himself to the world as the successor of Pius XII, is still clouded in mystery; to this date no reasonable nor official explanation was ever given to account for the confusion that swept over in St. Peter’s Square that evening. Many will point this day in history to mark the beginning of the decline of influence the Church, nay Rome, has had as a moral and doctrinal force on the world stage.

The Second Vatican “Council” with its numerous heresies, ambiguities and contradictions set the final stage for a de facto schism; Paul VI has for his part annihilated the ordinary channels of grace (i.e. the Sacraments) by effecting substantial changes to some of the sacraments. John XXIII opened the windows of the “Church” but Paul VI opened the “barn doors” (so to speak) and let everything else out (and in too!). Since then vocations to the priesthood (you can’t even call it that anymore since the change to the form of the Sacrament of Holy Orders effected by the promulgation of Paul VI’s “Pontificalis Romani” of June 18, 1968) have plummeted, likewise for vocations to religious life, etc. The ones who still call what’s in Rome the Catholic Church don’t know their Church at all !

So what does this have to do with the picture shown above you say? Well there are two ways to explain the utter destruction of the Catholic faith: by its cause or its effects. Paul Williams writes that “Eventually, Gelli’s files came to contain not only embarrassing material on nearly every prominent Italian government official, but also made photos of John Paul II next to the swimming pool. While displaying the photos of the naked pontiff (emphasis added) […]”. Although this pertains to the man’s personal moral life (if you can still call it that), and has no incidence on what he officially said as CEO of the New Rome, still the Church when canonizing a saint makes an infallible statement as to the person’s heroic virtues. So does a man who bathes in the Vatican Garden’s (or Castel Gandolfo it doesn’t matter really) completely naked someone to imitate if one wishes to get to heaven ? And please don’t get me started on his “dogma” of religious freedom…

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